Residential Installations

We specialize in residential installations.  Most of our installations are on properties that already have an established lawn and many that are in very good condition.  Naturally homeowners are concerned about the damage the installation will have on the lawn.  The Ditch Witch pipe puller, which installs the pipe, surprisingly causes minimal damage.  Noticeable exceptions are sites with trees that have high root systems (maple & pine), and subsoil with large rocks.  We use small tarps (drop cloths) when excavating the sprinkler head holes to keep the lawn as clean as possible.

When we do an estimate, we check out the plumbing, determine where to run the water pipe out of the house, and where to install the backflow preventer.  We like to locate it where it is least visible by either placing it behind a plant or on the side of the house.  We also look for a convenient location to mount the irrigation controller (timer).  The garage is usually the best location, but a shed or basement are other options.  We prefer a location that is easy for the homeowner and for future service so we don't need to get in the house.

All installations include a rain sensor, wireless if necessary. We want you to have a sprinkler system but we truly don't want you to waste water and money.


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